Why Us?

Structured Arabic and Islamic lessons:

lessons in Arabic are planned to cover key pre-school concepts that include language and social development promoting cultural understanding.
Islamic lessons include moral education, Islamic etiquette, memorizing and understanding Quran verses.

Bus Services

Our bus services are reliable and cover more than 10 areas around and bordering Dubai at affordable rates. Buses are equipped with safety seats tailored for the nursery age group, trips are accompanied by a trained assistant.

Distinctive and purposefully structured learning areas

BBN is committed to “Inquiry based” learning where children are encouraged to explore the different specially designated areas that include:
· Montessori Room – fully resourced room with different Montessori apparatus.
· Digital Area- promoting 21st century learning skills
· Sensory area- Developing reasoning and critical thinking through practical life activities
· Small world play and dress up area
· Gym – resourced to build gross and fine motor skills
· Outdoor areas – with sandpits and water play troughs
· Sensory garden – Designed to provide opportunities for real life experiences in planting and harvesting a variety of plants; providing for the kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning preferences.