Distinctive Features

Our teaching-learning methodology is based on the following unique developmental parameters:

MONTESSORI CLASSROOM: Our intricately designed Montessori Classroom is equipped with all the Montessori Material which facilitates child-centric learning. The Montessori room is one of the unique features of our schools. This set-up with all the tools and techniques of the Montessori Philosophy ensures the overall development of the growing child’s learning ability.

DIGITAL LEARNING :.Our nursery is specially designed to include a digital area with current up to date software in developing different mathematical , language, Scientific and social skills. Digital lessons are planned to also provide children with an extended learning opportunity for engineering and creative development.

SPORTY TODZ GYM: Sporty Todz is a scientifically designed sports program for Pre Schoolers based on the ABC (Action, Balance, Co-ordination) framework. We all endorse the universal fact that physical and mental development happens rapidly in the first 5 years of a child’s life. Sporty Todz focuses on engaging pre schoolers in age appropriate physical activities which further enhance their physical development and posture, simultaneously imbibing the quality of physical fitness at an early age.
Children go the gym five days a week for Fun Yoga, Gymnastics and age appropriate sports activities.

Play is needed for healthy development ofyour child. Research shows that 75 percent of brain development occurs after birth. Play helps with that development by stimulating the brain through the formation of connections between nerve cells. This process helps with the development of fine and gross motor skills.
Hence our play arena equipped with the state of art Play Equipments namely, sandpit , splash pool , Trampoline, Animal Rides, Super Slides etc .