Blue Bird Nursery has a well- designed, age-appropriate curriculum implemented through thematic and integrated learning.

Learning is designed at developing a “holistic” learner who develops academic abilities through an age-appropriate curriculum; well-balanced with extended learning opportunities that challenges and provides learners with purposeful activities and resources that are related to all areas of learning, respecting every student’s individuality as well as creating an understanding for the culture and interests of others. We also incorporate the Montessori philosophy which addresses all areas of development.

Student’s schedules are carefully designed to accommodate different learning opportunities and environments.
Class time tables caters for all developmental areas and include:

  • Literacy Development
  • Expressive Arts and Design Exploring and using media and materials
  • Numeracy Development
  • Sensory development
  • Digital learning
  • Physical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
There are four guiding principles that shape our Nursery practice: Unique child: Every child is unique, constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. Positive relationships: Students develop respect for their peers and understanding of others cultures and traditions. Supporting environments: Children learn and develop well in environments that support their learning and their experience that respond to their individual needs in application to the real world. Learning and development: We recognize that all children develop and learn in different ways and at different pace.
Our teaching-learning methodology is based on the following unique developmental parameters:
MONTESSORI CLASSROOM: Our intricately designed Montessori Classroom is equipped with all the Montessori Material which facilitates child-centric learning. The Montessori room is one of the unique features of our schools. This set-up with all the tools and techniques of the Montessori Philosophy ensures the overall development of the growing child’s learning ability.
DIGITAL LEARNING :.Our nursery is specially designed to include a digital area with current up to date software in developing different mathematical , language, Scientific and social skills. Digital lessons are planned to also provide children with an extended learning opportunity for engineering and creative development.
SPORTY TODZ GYM: Sporty Todz is a scientifically designed sports program for Pre Schoolers based on the ABC (Action, Balance, Co-ordination) framework. We all endorse the universal fact that physical and mental development happens rapidly in the first 5 years of a child’s life. Sporty Todz focuses on engaging pre schoolers in age appropriate physical activities which further enhance their physical development and posture, simultaneously imbibing the quality of physical fitness at an early age.
Children go the gym five days a week for Fun Yoga, Gymnastics and age appropriate sports activities.
Play is needed for healthy development ofyour child. Research shows that 75 percent of brain development occurs after birth. Play helps with that development by stimulating the brain through the formation of connections between nerve cells. This process helps with the development of fine and gross motor skills.
Hence our play arena equipped with the state of art Play Equipments namely, sandpit , splash pool , Trampoline, Animal Rides, Super Slides etc .

Your child’s progress is observed, recorded and assessed throughout the year. This information is conveyed to you either in written or verbal form at least once each term. Our facilitators observe and maintain a daily record of your child’s activities in school be it academic , social or creative. We also notify our parents through our daily communication diary about the child’s daily achievements, learning’s and activities.

Our CCTV cameras covers all key areas in the nursery including toilets and changing areas. Cameras have two monitoring stations maximizing on safety protocols.

From first aid training for emergency situations to sanitation and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for children, we take of care of our children on all fronts. Although scraped knees are a part of growing up, you can have confidence that your child is cared for in a secure, nurturing environment every day.

We ensure that our buses are child safe and all our drivers undergo stringent training.

Blue Bird Nursery has a qualified Nurse that observes and monitors children health and fitness. A well-structured record keeping provides a clear system in providing interventional strategies. Once a month Doctor’s visit aids in checking children’s growth and health.


  • We clean our centers each day with safe, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Cleaning supplies are locked safely out of reach of children.
  • We sanitize toys throughout the day to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • We encourage children to wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs and teaching lessons about health and hygiene.
Parents are an integral part of a child’s development especially in the early years, monthly meetings have been included in our term calendar to give parents a chance to meet with teachers and carers to discuss their children’s progress, meetings are aimed to provide an insight of the key developmental areas as observed and recorded by the teachers; information is presented in a carefully designed framework reflecting the child’s learning journey with supporting learning evidences.

These are planned activities that enhance a child’s learning experience that allow parents to participate in the theme related activities. Parents partner up with teachers to facilitate learning in aim to foster a healthy home-school connection.

Parents are encouraged to participate in our monthly parental engagement activities aligned to the theme in enriching the children learning experience. These activities are planned during the day and are conducted in the classes to strengthen home-school connections. Please refer to our calendars for more information.


Our learning philosophy has been carefully designed to accommodate age-appropriate instruction aimed at supporting different developmental areas. Our classes have been categorized by age to provide conducive learning environments that cater for specific and differentiated learning practices.

A specially designed infant room that is well-resourced and equipped with a mini-gym, messy play area, interactive corner with age-appropriate books and resources aimed at developing social, emotional sensory, language, numeracy and understanding of the world

Toddlers learn best in a safe, loving environment where they can explore in their own way. The activities in this age group are designed to satisfy their curiosity and extend their learning opportunities to develop critical thinking skills.

Classrooms have been specially planned to provide a “rotating class”; a continuous provision of learning through integrated lessons. Students are given ownership of their learning by allowing them to make “choices” in manipulating different theme-related materials.

Our enrichment program includes extra-curricular activities that have been selected specifically for the age-group in accommodating children’s gifts and talents. A variety of activities have been chosen to include:

  • Ballet classes
  • Football Classes
  • Karate Classes
  • Cake decorating club
  • Little Scientists Club
  • French Club

Please contact us for registrations.